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Forming simulacion


     Simulation of sheet metal stampings


   Before our company started using Pam-Stamp 2G, the designing tools for sheet metal forming was entirely dependent on experience of designers, and it was often necessary to make testing tools before final design of production tools.

   The development of CAE brought large posibilities of designing, virtual testing, machining of products etc. leading to using more complicated shape in engineering.
    Nowadays most of the base carbody parts have a very difficult shape. The verification of designed geometry and forming conditions with Pam-Stamp, without necessity of making testing tools, brings the economical and time advantage.
    The main benefit of the simulation of sheet metal forming process used in design office is the virtual technology process try out. The parameters of simulation are process, material, geometry, blank holder forces etc., that could be estimated and precised in order to design optimal technology and conditions of production.

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   Video of forming process in PAM-STAMP 2G. Forming simulation of part „elbow-pipe".
(engine cover, drawnig of wheel arch, bracket, hinge reinforcement)