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About us


   The company TPL s.r.o. was established in 1991 in Brno. The company promoters
worked before in The Research institute of forming machines and forming technology in
Brno and they were focused on technology of sheet metal forming.

    The company specializes in design and delivery of forming tools for sheet metal forming.
The customers are from various segments of engineering and presently especially from
automotive industry.

    Most of automotive stampings, that make base parts of car body, represent the
complicated shape parts and there is an emphasis on precision of final shape.that is way designers have to work with latest versions CAD software Catia and SolidWorks and PAM Stamp 2G.


   The main activities of TPL are :
     - technology design (layouts)
     - tools design (3D, 2D)
     - checking fixtures design
     - forming simulation (Pam-Stamp 2G)
     - tools delivering and optimalization
     - stamping of samples